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Shutter Works

Hurricane Shutters

ShutterWorks, our hurricane protection division was born out of a lesson that jones + jones and StandingWatch learned in the aftermath of the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons which was that Impact Rated windows and doors will allow wind driven rain through the joints at a certain wind pressure. This wind driven rain, once inside the home or office, can start to growing mold on drywall, flooring, furniture, drapes and any other organic material within 24-48 hours. Being in the mold remediation business and knowing the cardinal rule for preventing mold is “Control the Moisture”, ShutterWorks set out to help our clients “Control the Moisture” by providing a secondary means of protection over their windows and doors with a complete line of, state of the art, Miami/Dade County approved hurricane protection products to suite every need.

ShutterWorks sets itself apart from the competition because it is supported by jones + jones, the General Contracting Division, offering a unique insight as to how a structure is built and therefore how to properly attach the hurricane protection to your home or office.

ShutterWorks has also learned that the insurance companies that write homeowners policies are providing credits against premiums to home owners that live within so many miles of the coastline from Maine to Texas. Hence we have recently completed a large roll down hurricane shutter job in the suburbs of Boston MS where we used a gear driven, end retention system manufactured by Nautilus™, The unique patented Nautilus rolling shutter system provides increased strength in a compact housing. A 12’ tall rolling shutter can be placed in a 7” square housing which makes for a more visually pleasing installation compared to the industry standard 12” housing.

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